news_project: jeanne d’arc me now!

JEANNE D’ARC ME NOW! free ourself from #racism #opportunism #homophobia #chauvinism #sexism #terrorism #religiousfanatism #politicaldespotism

if you feel shocked about the daily news and the reports about the insane and alarming political turn, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you feel speechless how fanatics reject other religions and how they practice their faith, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you can’t laugh about jokes which turns out to be discriminatory against women, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you don’t agree with populists and homophobes who encourage disrespect towards people who live, think, love and believe differently from them, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you cannot believe the steady rise in numbers of people following fascism, and you feel powerless about their hate-motivated encroachments which are escalating dramatically, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you despise misogynic power-obsessed men who threat women as worthless or use discriminatory sexual harassment, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you refuse perfdious politicians who jeopardize our democratic values, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you like to express yourself and if you want to communicate your critical opinion the way you want, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you are annoyed of those racists who gather our streets and scream and shout slogans which frighten you, so stand up for your rights, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you think men and women should always be on the same level in their daily and their job life, jeanne d’arc me now.
if you are a supporter of the freedom of press and the open discussion about faith, democracy and humanity, jeanne d’arc me now.

so then make a stand, free yourself and be a JEANNE D’ARC – for yourself, for our world, for the people we live with and for the values which make our life more peaceful, more valuable and more livable.
jeanne d’arc me now!

december 2016. flashirt.

flashirt: catharina förster & rebekka csizmazia

photo: linda rosa saal photography 

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